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Our Focus
- Well-Being & Stress Management


We define well-being as a state of being healthy in our body and predominantly positive in our mood. Healthy and happy people make for sound, productive employees.

Positive people attract others...

In turn, positive people attract others to them and subsequently to the organisation's products and services.

We provide groups and individuals wth the skills and competencies necessary for proactively managing well-being.

Stress Management

Stress is part of our daily living. There is positive stress (Eustress) and negative stress (Dystress). In recent times, the amount of dystress and the number of stress claims appears to be increasing alarmingly.

Sometimes this stress is as a result of specific incidents (critical incidents) and at other times it is non-specific and accumulative.

Dystress lowers the immune system, increasing the potential for all kinds of illnesses. Dystress can lead to aggressive behaviours, absenteeism, lethargy and demotivation and sometimes clinical depression.

We aim to coach individuals and teams on identifying the origins of their stress, reducing the impact of negative stress and increasing the impact of positive stress.

Increase the impact of positive stress

We offer a full diagnostic phase plus, coaching and psychological counselling to assist clients overcome these challenges. Should it be necessary, we also provide a referral service to specialist treating professions.

We also have in stock a range of audio tapes and CDís available as additional help for people to relax and to develop healthy life styles.