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Our Focus
- Enhancing Work Performance

Enhancing Work Performance

Managers are often challenged on how to manage the performance of employees where that performance is not to the required or expected standard.

For the manager, the issues may be:

Effective communication
through conversational maps

We have a very rigorous conversational map which is used to coach manages to very effectively coordinate action in a non threatening, non aggressive manner. Our approach minimizes the possibilities of stress claims and intimidation claims.

Sometimes the issues are not in the area of management and leadership. Often there are personal circumstances for the employee which may be impacting on performance. There can be psychological problems, problems at home, problems with relationships (work or home), and ill health. Often employees are reluctant to raise these issues with people at work even though there may be a significant impact on work performance.

We can work through these issues to identify what is impacting on work performance and provide further avenues of support where required.