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Are you looking for support with the everyday challenges which all parents face?

Do you want to better understand yourself, your partner and your children and be better equipped to make constructive decisions?

Do you want to enhance your own unique parenting style and be confident in the decisions you make?

Our experience has shown that the assistance we provide typically reduces stress significantly, in both parents and children, leading to much happier families.

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching for those who are preparing for parenthood, have a young child, are taking care of teenagers, blending families or who have regular influential contact with children.

A critical factor to having a happier family is to parent each child according to who they are, rather than according to who you are. Through coaching, you will find that you can observe your parenting practices differently, and become more consciously aware of your own needs, and the needs of your child.

We encourage you to be an active learner in your role as a parent.

Parenting Enhancement Programs

To understand and appreciate one anotherís unique differences is the path to a happier family.

The Parenting Enhancement Program focuses on making the journey of parenting easier and on how to raise happier, more confident and resilient children. Offered if a range of formats tailored to best suit your needs, topics include the following:

  1. Understanding and appreciating that your children have their own unique personalities.
  2. Taking care of yourself - a look at personality preferences and the related implications for managing stress.
  3. More effective listening for improved understanding of your children.
  4. Raising your children to be the best version of themselves.
  5. Dealing with the full range of moods and emotions.
  6. A balanced family, putting it all together.

If you would like us to speak at an event, please contact Alison or Graeme.