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Our Focus
- Leadership & Management

What is Leadership?

Effective leadership is a significant part of being a manager. In our observations many managers spend very little time, if any, focusing on leadership. Many people commence their careers in technical fields and then quickly find themselves managing others without the necessary training in effective leadership and management.

Leaders are people who see
the potential...

In our interpretation, leaders are people who see the potential in all their staff and manage the environment and opportunities to make that potential a reality. In the process of doing so, they take people where they might not necessarily go on their own. An even better leader will lead, without people feeling that they are being led.

Through our coaching, we help people to make the transition from non-managerial to managerial positions. We work with managers to help them have a more appropriate focus on this important role and to enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Leadership Moods

During our coaching, we also review the moods of the leader and the impact this has on staff both positively and negatively. The mood of leaders has a cascading effect and impacts on the mood (climate) of the business units, which in turn impacts significantly on productivity.

Often the leader is not conscious of their moods, the effect on others or the need to alter them.

Leadership Styles

One of the key issues facing managers today is that many still use a traditional, autocratic style of leadership that was prevalent in the 60's and 70's. Others who subscribe to being more consultative and participative will tend to gravitate to a more laisser faire style.

Our coaching starts with reviewing leadership styles, establishing the most effective style within the environment and then working at enhancing the most effective style.

Our aim is to coach an organisation's leaders in how to consult, participate and effectively engage their staff in the pursuit of the best decisions for their organisation.