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Our Focus
- Managing Change, Culture & Climate


Change and the rate of change have been well-documented over the last decade or more, and yet it is something that is most often done poorly and not welcomed by many. Graeme J Schache has extensive knowledge and skills in assisting managers at all levels to successfully implement and manage positive change. The key to successful management of change is with the engagement of all personnel to ensure sustainability of the changes.


Culture is the way things are uniquely done in business units or organizations. The culture within a business evolves over time, with different management styles, different business requirements and differing personalities. Graeme J Schache applies a systems approach to reviewing business culture and to identifying opportunities for positive change.


Climate is the "mood" of the organization. Leaders and managers play a significant role in the climate of their organization. A manager's mood can permeate through the entire organisation. In fact, each individual's mood affects not only themselves, but all the people wth whom they deal. It is possible to pick up the climate of the organization just from being in the foyer near reception.

A positive climate produces enthusiastic co-operation

Climate plays a major role with regard to the functioning of an organisation. If the climate is positive, this will transfer to customers and suppliers resulting not only in increased business but also in enthusiastic co-operation and confidence to explore new business possibilities.