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Our Approach

Focus on the Individual

Our approach is primarily to focus on each individual and we do this through coaching. In our coaching we call upon the Ontological approach and psychology.

Each individual is a unique observer of the world and their gift is this difference. The challenge for each of us is to be able to listen beyond our prejudices, biases and our own truths, to suspend judgements and embrace these gifts of diversity in order to learn.

The challenge is to listen
beyond our prejudices.

This focus on the individual is applied to all of our work. When we work with groups, we recommend that we also spend some time with each member.

When working with individuals we focus on three key areas:

  1. The listening and the speaking
  2. Moods and emotions
  3. The body
Key areas of focus

Organisational Relationships

The core of organizations is the relationships. This includes relationships with people within the organization, the customers and the suppliers. If relationships are sound, conversations are happening, there is a high degree of commitment to each other, productivity is maximized and business outcomes are achieved.

Our approach is to focus on who needs to talk to whom, to build and expand the relationships, increase the level and types of conversations that are happening, and ensure that commitments are being managed. When we do this, productivity increases and business outcomes are achieved or exceeded.

When relationships are sound, business outcomes can be fulfilled.
organisational model